About Us

1. The products or services we offer

ocosoi.com is an internet commerce platform that offers three types of goods: physical goods, digital goods and services. Physical goods concern clothing (shoes, clothes, ...), electronics or crafts (art objects, handmade objects). Digital goods relate to intangible goods such as images, software, etc. The Services concern both business services and personal services.

Our website is translated into several languages representing several geographical areas, we have:

ocosoi.com International in English

2. How we started this activity

We started our activity in a garage. Like large companies such as Apple, HP or Facebook which started out small, our ambition is to grow through the satisfaction of our customers. Our company Open Company, open source, open innovation (ocosoi), is a company created in February 2020 with taxpayer number M022014401783F and a share capital of FCFA 100,000. This company is located in the city of Yaoundé in Cameroon (Africa) .

3. Our mission

Africa is rich in its diversity and cultural specificities. Our aim is to promote throughout the world, on the one hand, the quality of products and services made in Africa, and on the other hand, products and services from free software.

4. Our vision

We want to encourage diversity in purchasing. This is because it is customary for a consumer to buy products made in Europe, Asia or the Americas, but products and services made in Africa are often under-represented in online commerce. It is to promote the quality of products made in Africa that ocosoi.com was created.

5. Our goal

Our goal is to make products and services made in Africa readily available to any natural or legal person in the world.


Legal Information

Open Company, open source, open innovation (ocosoi)
Limited Liability Company
Taxpayer's N°: M022014401783F of 07 february 2020
Share Capital: FCFA 100 000
Email: contact@ocosoi.com
Location: Yaounde Cameroon Africa
Post Box: Po Box 7103 Yaounde Cameroon